commercial Graphics

Efficient Graphic Advertising

Our commercial products are a cost effective and efficient way of advertising. You will maximize your reach and create a more recognizable brand.

Sixties stands by the quality of our services. We design, print, and install our products with 3M ink, vinyl, and trained installers.

VEHICLE graphics

WINDOW graphics 

WALL graphics 

floor graphics 

Graphic Installation

3M Trained Installers

All of our installers have completed 3M's graphic installation training program. This ensures that we add to your project's life span. Trained installers know how to install graphics on a variety of surfaces and have the knowledge to guide you through the process.

Installation Surfaces

• Vehicles
• Walls (indoor/outdoor)
• Floors (Non-Slip)
• Windows (Indoor/Outdoor • and more...

Vehicle Wraps

3M Vinyl & Printing

Vehicle Wraps are an efficient way of advertising and creating brand awareness. Our wraps are printed with high resolution designs on 3M vinyl.

Our design team provides a superior service that traditional print shops. Your vehicles will demand impressions!

We provide installation services in Toledo & Detroit.

Window Graphics

3M Vinyl & Printing

Our window graphics are second to none. We use the best quality material that creates a long lasting solution. Windows can make a statement as well as provide privacy.

Window graphics are not tint. They obscure visibility, but you can see through window perf in well lit conditions.

We ship and provide installation throughout the US.

Wall Wraps

3M Vinyl & Printing

Our 3M vinyl will make any wall look awesome and restore dull areas of your facility. It will bring any area new life.

We use only the best material for virtually any surface. Our vinyl will last for years and is a great long term solution for drywall, cinderblock, brick, floors, and vehicles. We design to compliment current architecture and spaces to bring new vibrant life to your facility.

We design and provide installation services through the US.

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